Truth Commission: understanding the impact of the armed conflict

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HealthNet TPO carried out four interviews with members of the Truth Commission team, among them there was one commissioner, two persons of the psychosocial area, and the editor of the final report. Here some reflections by two of them:

Commissioner Carlos Martin Beristain reflects on the importance of the report for Latin America and the world. He spoke about exile and its wounds and what was involved in the process of listening to Colombia outside Colombia. He pointed out the consequences of a traumatic past, the impact of pain and suffering and the transformations necessary for Colombian democracy.

Ángela Fiorela Cruz, from the psychosocial team of the Commission, referred to the importance of generating a safe space in the midst of the construction of the final report, in order to get clear, timely and accurate information, as well as guaranteeing forms of openness to the multiplicity of stories, but also the need to close them, so that people are not left with open wounds.

We invite you to watch these 2 interviews. We will share the other two interviews later. Stay tuned