National Meeting of Indigenous Women

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This event was held one year after the National Diploma in Political Advocacy for Indigenous Women – “Ana Tulia Zapata”, in which indigenous women from different parts of Colombia and belonging to different indigenous peoples, participated and identified the relevance and need to form a National Women’s Weave (Tejido Nacional de Mujeres) in order to bring together voices and initiatives for political advocacy from the diversity of these women.

The meeting was held in the department of Cauca, in the municipality of Santander de Quilichao, at the headquarters of the Women’s Network of the Cxhab Wala Kiwe. It was full of moments of introspection and harmonisation based on the ancestral spirituality of these women.

During the meeting, women worked on the National Development Plan, the Truth Commission Final Report and its recommendations, peace-building, access to justice for women, and economies and territoriality, with the aim of drawing up an advocacy plan that takes into account the programmatic provisions of the national government and the different indigenous organisations.

At the same time, a common agenda was constructed to lead advocacy actions based on the priorities established by the women and the importance of materialising their proposals in this new national government.

The day was closed with a ritual of harmonisation, theatre and music, performed by women, young people, boys and girls who joined in with their voices, instruments and performance to the celebration of the meeting.