Codacop is a non-profit organization, which was born in 1984 as a support team for organizational processes of communities and indigenous, peasant and urban-popular organizations.

Its bets are focused on promoting strategies for the articulation of institutions, grassroots organizations and other actors in networks, through the definition and collective development of plans and projects aimed at the sustainable management of ecosystems.

Encourage and accompany men and women in reflection and awareness regarding relationships and the participation of each other in the spaces of daily, family and community life to contribute to the construction of more equitable relationships.

Support the reflection, training and exchange of pastoral agents and community agents of institutions and organizations that seek to promote processes of construction of Autonomous Churches and recovery of their own worldviews that strengthen the identity of aboriginal peoples.

Accompany the communities in the execution of administrative systems with accounting, financial and fiscal components that strengthen the development of their processes. 

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This initiative is implemented by a Consortium formed by three Colombian organizations and two Dutch organizations.